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We want to make sure that each candidate who is going to work at sea, is well prepared and knows exactly what to expect onboard.

After we have selected our candidates, each one will have to complete our two day intensive Training Course which includes not only comprehensive schooling and lessons in "Service Standard", Micros application, Hygiene Standards (such as HACCP and USPH) and Safety Regulations, but gives also a personal perspective on ship life, valuable tipps and "survival techniques" to feel home at sea quickly.

Medical Check up

Depending on your contract, we organise for you a complete medical package which includes:

  - Complete Body check
  - Hearing Test
  - Eyesight Test
  - Blood tests
  - X-ray examination /Tuberculosis Test
  - Salmonella test
  - HIV Test
  - Urology
  - Hepatitis A / B, Yellow Fever vaccination etc.


STCW stands for:
Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers.

With our Agency you will do a course for the following 5 STCW-Certificates which are required to work on Cruise Ships:

  1 : Fire Prevention And Fighting Training
  2 : Elementary First Aid Training
  3 : Proficiency In Survival Craft And Rescue Boats
  4 : Personal Safety And Social Responsibility Training
  5 : Personal Survival Techniques Training

Seamans Book

A Seamans book is a record of a seamans career certifications and experiences. It is like a “passport” for seafarers for when you land in a foreign country and therefore required to work on international Cruise Ships. However it does not take the place of a passport or visa.

What a seamans book does for you is, it allows you a simple, compact and portable method of documenting seatime and when you were on what vessel for various legal purposes.

We will assist you with obtaining a Turkish Seamans book.


We will assist you with obtaining a suitable visa, which will allow you to work on Cruise or River Ships.


With our Agency you will be given a one year insurance which covers accidents and includes coverage in case of death.


  * If necessary, we will organize the cheapest flight tickets for you
  * We will give all information on transport from Turkey to the ship, including
    cheapest train ticket service!
  * If needed, we also care about overnight stays


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