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Why choose us?

Mehmet Osman Arzik has done it! As one of the first Turkish crew on cruise ships he has worked his way up to become Maitre d' Hotel and F & B Manager at sea.

As he worked over the years in various positions, the extensive knowledge he gained about ship-gastronomy, is invaluable.

With his commitment to shipwork, he knows exactly what it takes to work at sea, and also succeed in making a career that can lead your life into a new direction while sailing around the world.

Therefore we have a strict procedure in choosing our candidates for the right positions. Mehmet will attend to each applicant personally and give assistance from the first interview to the first step on board.

Not only do we help you step by step through all the procedures and obtaining all the certificates and documents that are required to work at sea. We also want to make sure that each future crew member we send, is well prepared and has got the right attitude in order to feel comfortable to adapt quickly to the lifestyle and work on board.

So If you want to prove your abilities, acquire new skills, enhance your personal development and are ready for a new challenge, we can enable you a career at sea with the most promising prospects for your future.


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