Life on Board

Working on a ship is not like any other job ashore. It can be the most interesting but also the most challenging and difficult job you have ever had.

You will have to work at least 10hrs per day, on 7 days/week basis.

On most ships all crew members have to help with the "Loading" of the goods on board. On embarkation days sometimes it is also necessary for the crew to help out with the "Luggage Loading" of the arriving Guests.

Generally on a Ship you will sleep in a cabin with 1 – 2 other room mates, therefore privacy is limited.

You will have to manage living together with many other nationalities coming from various backrounds and cultures for approx. 6 months "in one boat".

This requires sometimes enormous patience and tolerance but can also lead to long time friendships or even "happy endings", as many find their future husband or wife at sea!

Putting it all together, working onboard a cruise ship can be the biggest challenge of your life!

However if you show endurance, if you are team orientated and motivated, show flexibility and are open for a new challenge, working on a ship can be the most rewarding, exciting job that can lead you all around the world and get known to many interesting places and people.

Below we have listed a few advantages and also drawbacks of ship life.


  • Long and straining working hours (10-13 hours/day)
  • 6months, 7 days/week job
  • Regular strict safety training (drill)
  • Feeling sick on rough sea days! (On Cruise ships only!)
  • Get known and become friends with many other nations from different cultures
  • Earn while you cruise around the world and discover many countries and islands you've been dreaming of to visit
  • Aquire new skills, character strenghtening
  • Improve your foreign language skills
  • Toughen up! :)
  • Promotions can happen quickly
  • Good foundation for a career in the Gastronomy Industry
  • Discounted cruise rates for relatives and family members
  • You can earn and save a substantial amount of money in a short period of time.
    All expenses like food, accommodation and medical care are taken care of by the Cruise Line.


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